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  • Sabri Tuzcu via Unsplash

We're making new things.

FreeBees Application
  • FreeBees

    Have some good stuff laying around the garage, but don't want to throw it out? Put it up on FreeBees and next-cycle your old stuff to those who could use it.

  • Poseidon Radio

    Something to listen to while you're doing something else. Poseidon Radio is for those who like to chill while coding, cleaning, whatever...you get it. Featuring stations like Ambient, Psychill, Trip-Hop and Post-Rock.

  • G33Kr

    Unplug, throw dice, play nice. G33Kr is a social media plaform designed to bring us geeks together. Wether you're a boardgamer, role player, wargamer, or D: all the above, this is the place to connect.

  • Project 34

    Do you like to send pictures of sticks to people? Well, we're working on something to make it fun.